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Your Personal Horoscope

There is a lot of information that can be derived from an astrology reading. All the planets and zodiac signs get included as well as the fixed stars of the universe and the astrological houses.The houses correspond with each of the 12 zodiac signs and at times can be the most confusing part of your personal horoscope. Understanding the houses and what they mean can help you understand your horoscope.

get-the-gloss-horoscopes-1The first house (or the Ascendent) describes your personality and physical appearance. It is located on the left side of your birth chart and represents where the sun rises. The second house deals with finances. How you earn money and how money is managed are all determined by this house. The third house deals with your surroundings and education. The fourth house (Imum Coeli) deals with family, particularly your father. It also represents your home, the one you grew up in and the one you will create. The fifth house deal with creative activities, hobbies and even love. The sixth house describes your every day life and how you deal with your work.

The seventh house (or the Descendant), because it is the opposite of the first house, represents other people around you. How you deal with other people or your spouse can be explained by this house. It is on the right side of your birth chart and represents where the sun sets. The eighth house describes your birth and death. This house deal with change and transformation. The ninth house describes your spirituality and philosophy. It can also refer to higher education and travels. The tenth house (or Midheaven) describes your ambitions and achievements in society and your mother’s influence. The eleventh house deals with your friends and how you are seen in a group. The twelfth house deals with enemies and illnesses.

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