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Why Choose Bunk Beds?

Bunk beds are a great idea for children who need to share a small room, as they only take up the space of one bed and leave more space for other furniture and for the children to play.

The bunk beds with their ladder also become a play area for the children, as they imagine themselves in a castle or a fort. The lower bunk can be draped with blankets or towels and the children imagine themselves in a tent. There is no end to the fun children can have with their bunk beds and the ladder.

Parents are happy with the convenience of having two beds in the space of one, and the way a small room can be made to appear much larger.

Bunk beds have a number of advantages over two singles; initially because of taking up half the space, and also for the extra storage space left in the room. Children also like to have room to play in their own room, particularly when it is raining outside.

Bunk beds are not only designed for very small children, in fact, there are some very good designs made with older children in mind, but with the same idea of saving space.

There are a great many different designs, sizes and styles of bunk beds; to suit all budgets and decoration style.

As with anything else is, it is a good idea to shop around before buying, and there are lots of websites dedicated to this, which not only makes browsing easy but can also save a lot of cash.

While wood or metal frames are the most usual and most popular, bunk beds are available in all kinds of materials, and all materials are available in different colours as well as styles so that they can be chosen to match the decor in the room.

Plain wood or metal frames can also be painted at home to match a colour scheme and this can also be changed as required.

Aside from regular bunk beds; it is possible to find some with extra storage, like drawers underneath the lower bunk or even a trundle bed for visitors. This is a great idea when children want to have their friends to sleep over, and all that is needed is to pull out the trundle and add sheets.

Even when space is not an issue, bunk beds can leave a room looking much neater and tidier, and the new and improved versions appearing on the market are proving to be even more popular. The entire look of a room can be changed by the addition of bunk beds in place of two singles and an older child that sleeps alone may even like the idea, so that they can use the lower bunk as a sofa, or have a friend to stay.

There are several manufacturers that produce a variety of different designs and styles, so it pays to take time to browse some brochures and websites online to discover the different possibilities.

For those who have a single child, I recommend theseĀ super value 4-foot small double divan beds. I have just bought one for our daughter, as she has her own room and we’re not counting on having more, so bunks wouldn’t be useful in our case.

For bunks, I recommend IKEA or Argos.




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