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Types of Stone for a Fireplace Surround

There are a lot of different possible types of stones for a fireplace surround, ranging from stacked stones to river rocks. This is actually something you can do yourself if you want. But there are a few different choices you have to make when it comes to picking the stones and putting the thing together.

The first choice is whether you want a natural or manufactured stone veneer for the surround. While you can get some great value cheap marble fireplaces, there are cheaper manufactured stone options. The upsides of manufactured stones are that they tend to cost a lot less than natural stones. They are also considerably lighter most of the time. This style is also often much cheaper to install as well. The upside to using natural stones is that they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing. These types of stones tend to look way more solid.

Another big question is the exact type of stone you want. Stacked stones tend to fit together seamlessly and look neat. In contrast, using river stones tend to give more of a smooth and organic look, since they literally look like stones that came out of a river, as if your fireplace could be the bedrock area of a river. Other possible options include ledgestone which has different options for colors including gray and tan, and fieldstone. It’s also possible to combine these types of stone together for a bit more of a multicolored look. Other options you can add are trim stones and keystones. All of these types of natural stones also have artificial versions that look just like the real thing.

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