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London Couriers – Why Hand to Hand Delivery is Best

London Couriers are numerous and have become a major asset inside one of the world’s most important business hubs – Used by just about every business sector throughout the capital. Without doubt, getting that vital package to it’s destination is easier than it used to be. In the “old days” there was one choice only, Royal Mail. Not saying that Her Majesty’s was not reliable in the least, but it was limited and same day delivery simply did not exist: Even if you were sending a letter from one side of London to the other. Next day was the only way, unless you wanted to get into your car and hand deliver. Now, there are couriers available who will do exactly that for you.

When You Need a Helping Hand – Reliability Counts

While there is a vast choice of London Couriers finding one that is reliable and always at hand can be a daunting prospect, simply because there are so many to choose from! Even if you do not need emergency delivery often, when you do it’s good to know you have a reliable courier company “on hand” who can manage that all important “urgent as urgent gets” delivery. Today London couriers have advanced technology available to them and a sophisticated network of transport in tow – Including bicycles and motorbikes! While this might seem a curious selection of transport, within the city centre it’s often the fastest way to get from A to B in heavy traffic. And of course, that package is their sole purpose and it is delivered straight into the hands of the recipient. Really, when you think about it, this is as good as it gets.

You Are No1 – Are They Meeting Expectations?

All the technology in the world will not help if the people using it do not have the right attitude. If the workforce does not realise the importance of the job they are doing all this technology is wasted – And when that happens, you simply cannot rely on them. Customer service is one of THE most important aspects of a courier company. Has this company truly got your interests as priority? Or are you just another brick in the wall…. Big companies working online and simply mailing out orders with big promises behind them can often fail and not meet expectations. Why? Because they are not in touch with the customer or the people that actually work for them. This is why often the smaller courier companies offering a more personalised service can be the most reliable and so best choice.

The Logical Choice

It stands to reason that a courier company offering hand to hand delivery is going to be the one to get that urgent packet to the right person at the right time – In reality, this type of service is as personal as personal gets. Your package is not floating through some high tech sorting system, like a leaf in the Autumn winds. It is special. It is a priority. No wonder more and more top London companies are making the choice to use these couriers.

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