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General Vaping Maintenance Tips – E Cig Mod Kits

The maintenance of your vaping device becomes important if you want that it should perform as per your expectations for a long time. It is easy to take its care properly even if you do not have much technical knowledge in this regard. Some basic guidelines and tips are provided hereunder to help you in maintaining your vaping device properly so that you can vape your Ecig whenever you want to quit smoking easily.

Charge the batteries of vaporiser

When you start using e-cigarettes to quit smoking then you should not start using your vaping device without charging its batteries even if they initially have some power. You should charge it for over two hours before using it first time but do not overcharge it to avoid any damage. It should be recharged afterwards when its battery shows 50% as you need not reboot the battery by recharging it at this point as it puts less strain on the battery. The charger provided by the manufacturer with the device should be used to recharge it.

Check atomizer

The life of an atomiser, whether it has single coil or double coil, is normally 2-4 weeks if used regularly. You can use both types of atomizers as per your liking. Moreover your vaping device must have enough amount of e-liquid so that your atomiser can be immersed in it properly to perform efficiently. E-liquid should not be drained out completely unless you are refilling it.

Filling e-liquid

While filling the e-liquid in your vaping devices you should not refill it more than 75% by dripping along the side of its central tube.

Store your vape pen

While storing your vaping pen you should neither leave it in your car nor keep it near excessive light and heat. You should not store in your pocket also. The storage case provided by the manufacturer can be the ideal place to store your vape pen, when not in use. When you are not vaping then its e-liquid should also be stored in dark and cool place. You can also build your own higher end vape using an e cig mod kit.

Clean your vape device

While cleaning your vape pen regularly, to maximise its performance, you should separate all of its parts and wipe them all with a dry, soft and clean cloth. In order to remove caked-on and tough stuff you should use a toothbrush.

When it gives less or no vape

You should check e-liquid level in your vaping device if it gives less or no vape. It can also happen if its atomiser is connected too much tightly. You have not changed its atomiser since long then you should go for it to improve its performance. You can also improve the performance of your vaping device by charging it whenever required.

When burnt flavour is experienced

Your e-cigarette may give burnt flavour if its e-liquid level is too low. If your atomiser has expired then you should replace it. It may also happen if your battery needs to be charged.

Thus, by following the general vaping maintenance tips provided in this write-up you can easily improve the performance of your vaping device.

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