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5 Interesting Facts About UK Law and What You Should Look For In a Lawyer

Every country has its own set of laws and regulations. Here is Martin Franks from top five picks for the most interesting facts about UK laws:

1) Strange but true

The British legal system dates back many centuries, it is for this reason that there are a number of very old laws which are still in use today. As strange as they may seem, doing certain things can get you locked up in the UK.  In the 13th century, the country passed a law which stated that beached whales and sturgeon fish were to be handed over to the reigning monarch at the time. In the 1870’s the UK passed a law which stated that it was illegal for consumers to be drunk in a pub. This is particularly strange considering the sheer number of pubs located throughout the UK. Those who are found drunk on any premises in the UK could face hefty penalties. The law was initially passed to discourage excessive alcohol intake.

2) The Queen’s stake

Queen Elizabeth II is the legal owner of approximately one-sixth of the earth’s land. That’s right, the Queen is the only person who legally owns countries! In total, the Queen as the head of state for the UK as well as an additional 31 states, owns over 6,000-million acres of land. This equates to about one-sixth of the non-ocean surface of the earth.

3) No horsing around

All ponies, donkey’s, horses and other related animals include those in Zoos such as Zebras must have a horse passport. The small book or more recently a smart card contains vital information about the animal including its height and breed. It is the responsibility of the animals’ owner to ensure that the horse passport is carried with the animal at all times. When the animal dies the passport needs to be returned to the Passport Issuing Office within 30 days.

4) No license, no TV

It is against the Law for anyone to use a TV without a license in Britain. The BBC which is state-owned largely relies on British residents to pay their TV licenses for its funding. This has enabled the British Broadcasting Corporation to put the standard of its programming ahead of the revenue it would have brought in charging for advertising during programming.  Even though this has proved to be a successful formula, many people still question the need for them to continue paying their TV Licence.

5) Pesky Polish Potatoes

According to the Polish Potatoes Order of 2004, it is against the law to knowingly import potatoes which originate from Poland into the UK. While the law was put into place to prevent the spread of Ring Rot as well as beetles and other insects which pose a direct threat to the well-being of the country’s ecosystem, it left the internet asking “What’s wrong with Polish Potatoes?”. You can, however, import the offending potatoes if you write to an inspector to inform them of your intention to import the terrible tubers. Along with your reason for import, you must also be able to tell the inspector what the intended purposes of the potatoes are.

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