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5 Features You Should Look For In Tamper Evident Bags

If you do not work as an armoured car guard, banking professional or own your own restaurant you are unlikely to know what tamper evident security bags are. However, they are used by most organisations and companies who have the responsibility towards the secure and safe transit of their valuables and cash to banks and other safe storage places.

Just as criminal tech has advanced over the years, so too has the safeguards implemented to prevent them. This is why we now have plastic tamper evident security bags. These bags come produced by various manufacturers in many different designs, thickness, colours and sizes. You will find the best choice on It should be noted though that these security bags are similar and comparable in terms of reliability and effectiveness.

Tamper evident bags like cash security bags have various safety features that allow you to tell if they have been tampered with or even opened. Depending on the purpose of the bags, there is the various security levels tamper-evident bags feature.

If you are cashier transferring cash to an office safe or manager’s office at the end of your shift, mid-level or even basic security bags. While if you are a courier collecting valuables or cash to take from a company to a safe location, high-level security bags are better.

When you are trying to choose the right cash security bags, there are features you should be aware of that are more important than others. In the following post, we will look at the most common and crucial.

Tamper Evident Void Seals

One of the most important features is probably a ‘void’ seal that indicates if tampered with. If a bag has been opened there is a noticeable marker indicating ‘tampered’, ‘open’ or ‘void’. While there are no standards for these markers, something like the word ‘void’ is enough of a safeguard. A more advanced style of a tamper-evident seal is the ‘thermochromatic seal’. Criminals try to tamper with security bags by melting or freezing the glue and resealing them after they’ve taken the contents out. When a thermochromatic tape is used, and the seal is tampered with, the colours change or it looks distorted in some way.

Sequential Numbering and Bar Coding

Barcodes and sequential numbering other features that should be in tamper-evident bags. They enable you to track packages effectively while they are in transit. There should be at least two places where the numbers and barcodes are visible – on the bag and on a receipt that can be torn off.

Receipts That Can Be Torn Off

Receipts that can be torn off creates a paper trail for transactions. This means you can record the parties involved, dates and amounts. These features are necessary to prevent any questions that may arise about whether tampering has occurred or not.

Fold-Over Construction At Bottom And Top

Any security bag should only have one place where it can be opened once it has been sealed, that is usually accompanied by a dotted line with the words ‘cut here’. Although it may seem simplistic, these instructions serve an important purpose. It would appear that the bag has been tampered with if it has been opened anywhere along the dotted line.

Graphics On Sides, Back and Front

A much newer feature, special printing in the form of grids or webbing show if there has been tampering from stretching or cuts. This is because it is virtually impossible to re-align things again.

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